Nothing to do on a rainy day? Sick of drywanking with a chatfaker?
No need to pick up your umbrella;
At db you can get a museum experience like no other
without getting out of your front door.
without the hassle of standing in line for the most popular works.
without the hassle of sifting through bad scans, dubious illegal copies, thousands of usenet messages and Yahoo or MSN groups.
you are allowed to touch the objects, drool over them
and ask questions at the guide
Eh, coffee or other stimuli you still have to get yourself
and for meeting a sweet fellow visitors?
sorry, we will not set up a chat-parlour, just yet,
but the moderated forum page comes close.

the site was originally called delftboys, because it originates there
but mostly because this old city has a name to uphold
for tolerance and as safe haven for great artists.
In the visualisation we use the delft-blue boys depicted on our pottery as hosts and guides. They may be farmers,
but they're pretty clever and educated:
they know what they like and love to show off
dutch tolerance plays quite an important role:
some boys are romantic, others are whores or into extreme kinks,
but they always respect each other, so just be kind to them,
treat 'm as you'd like to be treated, and they'll open up

This website is meant to convey the beauty, whealth and depth of our culture to everybody interested, and we are pretty proud of our heritage too. So if you have a problem with men enjoying the beauty and erotic power of one another, maybe you should look elsewhere. From this page onward we assume you know what you came here 4

A lot of the content here, like the history pages, storefront sections for a number of artists, discussions on queerart and its politics is freely accessible from here.
But as we do respect our contemporary artists and support their attemps to make a living, the vast collection showcasing their most impressive efforts just has to remain protected from too eager eyes. Also the dataflow of the ever increasing canvas resolutions has to be secured and financed, this can only be continued with a subscribing community we call the masterclass.
We hope you will become a part of it.
you will surely not be dissapointed !
eh . . please ?

one more thing: the content of db/queerart has become so vast, that it is now spread over 3 servers: they run quite reliably most of the time, normally, but maybe once, twice a year we may experience disturbances in connectivity. If a longer lasting problem arises we will try to get you notified through the part of the system that remains operational. So it may be wise to keep the 3 base url's of the system jotted down on your favorites list:
www.delftboys.comhouses the standard entry and navigation pages, an overview of the content, all the free access content, like the history pages and many artists' demopages plus your guidelines for subscribing to the masterclass
www.queerart.nlhouses a set of mirrored or slightly modernised entry pages, plus the entire masterclass section, which is accessible only through a membership registration.
www.homowebmuseum.nlhouses a lot of utility pages and files that we use to communicate with artists about projects in progress and some content that is only accessible for selected invitees. As it is on our most reliable new server, the entry page may contain service messages in case of disturbances.
of course in case of problems we can always be reached through adschurgmailcom (based on different servers yet again).